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Our Product Range

Using a wide range of air filtration fabrics, the company has come out with a range of affordable dust collector bags and filter bags designed to meet the most demanding of filtration applications. Some of those products are:

  • Air Filter for industries like metal, hydrocarbon, clean room condition, marine, fertilizers, hospitals and hotels etc.
  • Filter Bags for low to medium range applications like Steel, Aluminium smelter, ceramics, etc.
  • Filter bags for high temperature applications like Coal fired boiler, Carbon black, refuse incinerators, etc.
  • Filter bags with antistatic finish for potentially explosive dusts such as Anthracine, Cattle food, Dyestuff, Ferro Manganese, Wood dust, Sugar, Sulphur, Plastic, Rubber, etc.
  • Filter bags with special finishes like anti-adhesive(like silicon treatment, glazed surface) oil & water repellent (special PTFE finish) and Flame retardant, etc.

Our Filter Bags are as following :

  • Snap Type Poly-phenylene Sulphide Bag.
  • Snap Type Homo Polymer Poly-acrylonitrile Bag.
  • Snap Type Low Temperature Antistatic Bag
  • Ring Type Circumferentially Reinforced Low Temp. Bag.
  • Collar Type Filter Bag
  • Cassette Type Filter Bag
  • Snap Type Poly-aramide Bag
  • Low Temperature, Low Air To Cloth Ratio Bag
  • Candle Filter Jacket
  • Pocket Filter Bag
  • Ring Type Filter Bag
  • Plan Shifter Bag
  • Snap Type Filter Bag
  • Cassette Type Bag for Low Temperature Antistatic Application.

Our Quality

We, in our endeavor to provide its clients with quality products, have made considerable investments in the advanced technology and machinery so as to enhance the filter bags range as well as improve the quality and efficiency of all our products. 
Stringent quality checks which accompany each manufacturing step and every step is examined vitally to chuck out the defect in each product. Each filter bag is manufactured in such a way that it is high on strength and is superbly reliable.


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